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Photo Gallery: Torture in the Dark Ages

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A c1850 satirical illustration of King John signing Magna Charta. (Photo by  the Print

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By the late Middle Ages, however, particularly wicked people were  considered to consort with demons, riding around with them at night and  having sex with ...

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(circumcision of Abraham, Genesis 17-23-26) Bible of Jean de

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Birth Control and Abortion in the Middle Ages

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A doctor examines a patient's urine in an illustration from the 13th  century. Uroscopy,

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Coming Out: Queer Erasure and Censorship from the Middle Ages to Modernity

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. Academic and founder of the whores of yore blog, kate lister looks into the smell of sex in the medieval world. perfume, history and just a little bit of …. Sex2. Rear entry was a sin. . . Article: sex in the middle ages medieval books, arte medieval, medieval times,. No good comes from this.. Sex and scandal in medieval ireland. A view from england in the later middle ages – notches. It was said that if you had sex on your period and became pregnant, your child would be born with red hair.. What a medieval bed should look like. What is the values of medieval europe that “acts of entering the bed with same sex and nak” means non-sexual relations?. Sexualityart08. Sex, purity and piety in medieval marriage. Medieval sex advice. Brothel by joachim beuckelaer, 1562. Medieval sex cures – call the medieval sex doctor…. Duke albrecht iv the wise and his wife kunigunde of austria adoring the virgin and a scribe and a woman in rudolf von ems’ world chronicle, 1487.. Medieval kamasutra book of hours, france 15th century. bibliothèque de genève, ms.. Rape in the middle ages. Medieval-wedding-hague-kb76f14. Medieval singlewomen. Here’s what sex was like in medieval times. it’ll make you feel glad you weren’t born back then!. Medieval writers “bad sex in fiction” awards. Getting down and medieval: the sex lives of the middle ages | aeon essays. The birth and death of privacy: 3,000 years of history told through 46 images. Bb5f88b00cb078e6f5e9c6c0e0034322. A frame around infinity. Did people in the middle ages take baths?. And the winner of the (medieval) bad sex in fiction award is …. . Sexual culture in the literature of medieval britain – boydell and brewer. David and bathsheba in rudolf von ems’s world chronicle, about 1400 – 1410. the. Visible women: female sodomy in the late medieval and early modern southern netherlands (1400-1550). ‘le livre de lancelot du lac’, france ca. 1401-1425 paris. ‘. . . Chastity belt. Source: A couple get amorous in this 14th-century illustration. Temptation by lechery (bl royal 19 c i). Bedding ceremony. The middle ages. It was said the virgin martyr saint agatha of sicily was tortured by having her breasts. Deciphering the sex scenes in spain’s medieval churches. A woman is condemned to wear a chastity belt in this miniature from