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The eight Jewish Supreme Court Justices, clockwise from top left: Ruth  Bader Ginsburg;

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In Narrow Decision, Supreme Court Sides With Baker Who Turned Away Gay  Couple - The New York Times

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Edith Windsor of New York sued to be treated as a surviving spouse. Credit  Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

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Elena kagan. Elena kagan presides over same-sex wedding for first time. Elena kagan is not gay, supreme court nominee just hasn’t found ‘mr. right’: harvard friends. ‘ground zero is here!’. Elena kagan is sworn in as justice on the supreme court – the new york times. Celebrate the 4th: impeach kagan and ginsburg. From left: u.s. supreme court chief justice john roberts stands with fellow justices anthony kennedy. Supreme court associate justice elena kagan smiles at the camera for an official photo at the. Should we ask if supreme court nominee is gay? should anyone care?. Should we ask if supreme court nominee elena kagan is gay?. Francesca zambello. Kagan likely to be pressed on writings, experience. Anthony kennedy.. President obama introduces u.s. solicitor general elena kagan as his choice to replace retiring supreme court. In 2003, lawrence h. summers, center, announced elena kagan was succeeding robert c. clark, left, as dean of harvard law. credit elise amendola/associated …. Chief justice john roberts and new justice elena kagan after her swearing-in on aug. 7. handout/getty images north america hide caption. Elena kagan & sonia sotomayor schooled the masterpiece cakeshop owner for refusing to serve gay people. Elena kagan officiates gay wedding as court mulls marriage equality. What is justice elena kagan up to lately?. Justice kagan urged to recuse herself from marriage cases after officiating gay ‘wedding’. File ** this april 2003 file photo provided by harvard university shows elena. . More than 2 centuries of supreme court justices, in 18 numbers. Elena kagan during her confirmation hearings before the senate judiciary committee on capitol hill in june. credit alex brandon/associated press. The u.s. supreme court voted 5-4 that there is a constitutional right to same. May 25: supreme court nominee elena kagan walks on capitol hill in washington.. . Senate judiciary committee republican implies elena kagan may be lying. Kagan and gen. david petraeus (center) participate in a pinning ceremony june 3. . Kagan, then president obama’s nominee to be solicitor general, is sworn in prior to. . . Elena kagan biography. Justices ginsburg and kagan ask about the artistry of wedding cakes | the new yorker. Senate confirms kagan to u.s. supreme court. Supreme court sides with baker who turned away gay couple. Conservative christian baker jack phillips talks with journalists in front of the supreme court on dec. . Anthony scaramucci on how to get an a- in law school. . Supreme court rejects county official’s request in gay-marriage case – the washington post. President obama introduces solicitor general elena kagan as his choice for supreme court justice in the. Play video …. . A conversation with supreme court justice elena kagan. At confirmation hearings, gop eyes kagan’s record. There have been 113 supreme court justices in history. only 6 have been minorities – cnnpolitics. In narrow opinion, supreme court rules for baker in gay-rights case. Steve king 2. Colorado baker jack phillips on his case going to the supreme court. Gop presses objections to elena kagan on eve of confirmation to supreme court. Baker who refused to make cake for gay couple: i’ve had death threats. They may be ideological foes on the bench, but this week, in the chilly late-autumn wilderness of north mississippi, justices elena kagan and antonin scalia …. Sonia sotomayor. Unlikely hunting buds: elena kagan, antonin scalia. Sonia sotomayor. Orrin hatch u.s. senator (class 1) [r] utah. elena kagan …. Supreme court justice performs her first same-sex wedding. Is anthony kennedy ‘the first gay justice’?. . Opinion | why did liberals join the majority in the masterpiece case? – the new york times. Is chief justice roberts a secret liberal?. In narrow decision, supreme court sides with baker who turned away gay couple. Justices ginsburg and kagan ask about the artistry of wedding cakes. Charlie craig (l) and his spouse, dave mullins, embrace outside the us. John mccain: i’m voting against elena kagan. Breyer signals gay marriage case not closed. . Hillary clinton and mayor michael bloomberg gay pride march, 2006 (photo by daniel j. . Kentucky clerk asks u.s. supreme court to intervene in marriage case – chicago tribune. John cornyn u.s. senator (class 2) [r] texas. Supreme court hears same-sex wedding cake case. Us supreme court justice elena kagan arrives for a discussion on pro bono service, wednesday. Elena kagan.. Gay wedding cake case comes before supreme court, with ramifications for discrimination – abc news. Jon kyl u.s. senator (class 1) [r] arizona. Kagan (second from left in the front row) poses with members of the hunter. White house tells cbs news to remove story suggesting that possible supreme court nominee elena kagan is gay | vanity fair. . … making arguments to, from, left, justices sonia sotomayor, stephen breyer, antonin scalia,, ruth bader ginsburg, samuel alito jr. and elena kagan.. Elena kagan begins marathon week before senate judiciary committee. Supreme court says kentucky clerk must let gay couples marry supreme court says kentucky clerk must let gay couples marry. File photo: justices of the u.s. supreme court including (l-r) associate justices stephen breyer, neil gorsuch, elena kagan, brett kavanaugh, …. Elena kagan for supreme court: obama taps ex-harvard law dean to replace justice john paul stevens. Brainroom: background on elena kagan. Patrick j. leahy u.s. senator (class 3) [d] vermont. . June 26, 1964 issue of life magazine. caption for full-page photo reads.